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Welcome to Handle-IT!

We offer digital services that connect and strengthen Students, Parents and Schools.


Handle-IT, this is our app for students. Here you can see an interactive summary of all functionality and how they can help through out life, and online.

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With our "Guide for Parents" you get lots of knowledge and tips on how you as a parent can create good tech habits within the family.

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Our various services strengthen communication between students, guardians and the school's student health team.

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About us

Welcome in and see what positive effects our concept can give society as a whole.

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Welcome to

This is a unique holistic solution developed to strengthen children's mental health and attendance at school.
We offer digital services that connect and strengthen students, parents and the student health team.

See our app in action!

TwoAct is state-funded through Vinnova's UDI, see our film that explains how our student application works.

RISE – Research Institute of Sweden have made a cost calculation.
Handle-IT can provide savings for the Swedish school and BUP
of SEK 670 million (~79.16$ milion USD) over a five-year period.

To students

Our application gives the student:

  • A personal digital counsellor.
  • Instant access to the school's student health team.
  • Support in uncomfortable situations both online and offline.

We believe in help and support close at hand. Our digital counselor K1M is always available on mobile and provides lots of information, tips and tools about many of the most common problems a student can end up in. Both online and IRL!

To parents

Our "Guide for Parents" help the parent:

  • Handle tough disagreements in a constructive way.
  • Balance screen time.
  • Bond with their children and create good habits.

Parents who gain good knowledge and tools will more easily be able to strengthen their children's abilities. With good relationships at home, the family can create good routines around sleep, screen time, leisure, homework, diet and exercise.

To schools

Handle-IT help the school:

  • Communicate anonymously with students.
  • Move the student health team closer to students.
  • Check the students' health every month.

We believe in early access to information. We know that if the student health team can gain information early on about negative health trends at the school, where drugs are sold or understand where students feel insecure, then the school can intervene quickly.

About Handle-IT

Our concept is developed by Jonas Svensson who works part time as a student counsellor. In his work in the school student health team, Jonas realized the importance of moving school and home closer together.

Handle-IT is both a unique and important way of working to strengthen children's schooling and mental health. We would even say an obvious way.

We believe that strengthening the entire system around a student's schooling is the only right thing to do if one is to be able to seriously break the negative trend we see today around children's sleep problems, school fatigue, problematic absence and increasing mental illness.

Feel free to visit this page on a computer, where you get a greater overview of all services and how they work. If you want to know more about what we can do for your school, you are more than welcome to contact us!

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